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In 1949 the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to a Portugese neurologist for his development of the prefrontal lobotomy.

Moniz had the idea that if we could just cut the prefrontal cortex, we could end mental illness and suffering.

Thankfully, this procedure no longer exists.

Our brains are the most powerful tools on this planet.  When you can begin to understand just how much power your mind possesses, you can begin to create your life exactly the way you like.

The way you want to feel and the circumstances you want to change are always always an inside job.  Clients who work with me get to turn their life around.  Fully in control at their own pace, I show them step by step by step.

Turning your life around requires work.  I will show you the work.  Then you do it. You get to choose your life.  No one, not anyone, anywhere for any reason can stop you ever.  I mean that.  Do you know that you can create anything that you want.  If this feels like a stretch for you right now, then you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

When you can begin to understand just how much power your mind possesses , you can begin to turn things around, just the way you like them to be.

If you are really serious about making changes in your life, I show you how to do it.  We find your future self and we reverse engineer each and every aspect, one situation, one emotion, one belief at a time and we rebuild.

We are going to get real and you are going to blow your mind.
I love you.
Clients who work with me get to discover what is really keeping them overweight.  My clients realise that they actually did marry the right guy.  As they begin to face, and dissolve the parts of themselves that they couldn’t bare, they enjoy a loving blissful marriage.  My clients understand that every so called problem in their life , is actually their brain growing and stretching.  My clients understand that problems eventually present solutions, without problems, humans become depressed.  Not the other way around.  Crazy, though I’m right and you know it.  I have helped my clients to save their marriage, repair relationships, avoid surgery, buy their dream home and live in peace. I teach my clients how to be in charge of their emotions, not the other way around.  My clients are not needy, they are in control.

My knowledge is inner wisdom.  You have it, we all have it and this is where your answers can be found. My coaching is leading edge.  I believe I’ve always been a step ahead of the pack.  I’m a leader and I am a nurturer.  I will not let you “stay comfortable” in your pain, I stop my clients from abusing themselves with their own brain.

My sessions are designed to take you from where you are to where you want to be.  Please enjoy a complimentary 30 min session, so that together we can structure the perfect plan specifically for you.

What Can You Expect

I’m going to show you how to show up in your life and take charge and lead the way. I will show you how you can organise your life and your mind.  I’m going to teach you about your feelings.  Your feelings aren’t something you should dread.  Neither are they something you should try and stuff away.  Feelings are there to get your life how you want it to be.

Private Coaching sessions go for 60 mins and are held either in person on  via ZOOM – an online video conferencing software that allows us to connect regardless of where you are in the world.

Don’t be put off if your not tech savvy, the system I use is foolproof and you can even use your phone to join our session.

In our session, there is no need for you to discuss old emotional traumas.  I use a process, that gently and powerfully releases old stuck anger, and negative emotions, leaving you free to be able to regain clear,  and deliberate thoughts to allow emotions to flow through you, rather than wasting precious energy in resisting them.

From here we will begin to deliberately create the path to get you to the outcome you are desiring for yourself.

Clients who work with me get to turn their life around. I show them step by step by step.  My client understand that life is 50/50.  Its 50% good and it’s 50% bad.  Always has been, always will be.  That’s life and God is in charge of that.  My clients know that they get to choose the life they want.  I pull their brain apart, belief by belief by belief, and we rebuild it.  I teach my clients how to deliberately create their life, not to spin out of control and be at the effect of life.

Turning your life around requires work.  I will show you the work.  Then you do it.  You do it no matter what and I show you exactly how you use your mind effectively to produce the results you want.   

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