How you will feel after massage with Jules…

After you have had massage with me, your body will feel amazing – and so will your mind and your soul. Body work really gives you the instant relief that you are searching for.

Why Can I Help You…

With 13 years experience from NRL, AFL and Queensland Rugby Union, to marathon runner, body builders, triathletes, children and swimmers, massage benefits all.
As well as working with your physical body, I have this insane ability to be able to find the emotion or the stress you have in your mind linked to your bodily pain.   I have the ability to know what needs to be treated and exactly how.

Your body know exactly what to do to heal itself, I am just here to push it along and facilitate.

I don’t believe in no pain no gain, I believe in taking you to the edge and releasing the pain.

A massage should be thorough, and just the right pressure that makes you feel that you have had all the work done in exactly the right spots, even ones you didn’t know existed.  No stone is left unturned so to speak.

What Can You Expect

A massage is like a reset.  This is what I have been you have been working on and busting your ass at.

Whether it be, at the gym, on the yoga mat, in your family as a busy mum or dad, at the office, or just the day to day fight we sometimes bring on ourselves with life.

After a massage, you are restored, refreshed, reset, re invigorated and inspired to get back to it and take yourself to the next level of wherever you are in your life.

 Massage sessions go for 60 to 90 minutes, its best to allow 90 min for your first one, and should be followed up 5 to 10 days later and then as required depending on your desired outcome and the intensity at which you are demanding from your body.

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