Who is

Julie Masko

I first realised that my brain was in charge of my body when I was eleven. I was 11. Sitting in a Dr’s waiting room. I forward thought what questions the Dr would ask me in the consultation room. I scanned my body. I realised I didn’t feel sick anymore. 

I asked myself why? I got real. I didn’t lie to myself, I didn’t make up a story. I got my true facts out of my brain. I didn’t want to go to school. I got what I wanted and now my body no longer had symptoms being sick.

I did not get sick again for a very long time, about 5 years. I still get sick occasionally, though I know why and I have the freedom to choose to change how I feel. Isn’t that so cool.

Clients come to me all the time because they think they have a problem or a condition or a bad relationship they need help with. I show them that they don’t have a situation or a condition or a bad relationship. They have a screwed up belief. I fix their brain.

If you know how to manage your brain, you will never worry about the planet, your money, your body, your relationship, war, politics or your children ever again. Full stop.

Truth is. You don’t lose 20kg in 1 day. Do you? No not possible. You lose 1kg at a time. You don’t go from earning $30k to $200K in a day. Well sometimes it happens, though usually not. And if you did, can you do it again and again?

I can’t tell what you are thinking unless you tell me. I can however tell what your beliefs are. I can tell by the life you lead. What you believe. What you truly truly believe always shows up in your life.

I rewire my clients brains step by step, session by session, until their beliefs match the life they want to live. 

You can be one of my clients if you like. I would absolutely love to help you.


Julie Masko / Life Coach: 0422 053141 / jules@juliemasko.com