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I change peoples lives.

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Coaching : The Script Package

According to Buddha,

“Peace comes from within, do not seek without”.

Now I’m not about to argue with Buddha. 

Though, what does this actually mean?  

How do we find peace without changing our external world.

Surely if only you could change your spouse, or your boss or your mother, your co-worker, your money situation or your health, then everything would be different?

Please join me at the beautiful Inner Light Meditation Centre, Wednesday 16th of June for the first session of The Script. As we explore your inner world together.  

To find peace within, without changing a single external thing.

We use the power of your mind, your beliefs as well as tapping into the mind-blowing power of gratitude to create a little magic in your world, by re-writing The Script. 

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The Script will be held over 3 nights, June, July & August. 

You can attend just one session or all 3. Either way you will gain a powerful tool on how to create the life you desire, using everything you already have inside of you, and a few little pointers from me.

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